Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Old Skirt

Our New Foster Sisters
My old skirt with tights from Little Princess Frocks

I have some new exciting news about a very old skirt. MamaT just went to visit her Mama on a vacation. While she was there, she found a stash of random old toys, and in that stash, she happened to spy my original skirt!!!!!!! It is truly amazing it has survived all these years, being separated from me, in with toys that have been available to lots of grandkids to play with. But I think there were no dolls my size in the box, so it must have just been ignored. This being the case, it is amazing no one ever tossed it out. Okay, MamaT's Mama (our Gran-Mama) grew up in the Great Depression and doesn't throw much of anything out, so I suppose that was in our favor. But MamaT and all her sisters do “help” Gran-Mama reduce her clutter from time to time, so things still get thrown out sometimes. But happily, happily, my old skirt has survived all these years. The not so good news is we think it has shrunk a little. Either that or I've put on a few ounces over the years. It does still fit around my waist, but it's pretty snug, and it's much shorter than my replacement skirt. Of course, the skirt was made in 1969, and we did wear our skirts shorter then. You can see my newly recovered old skirt in the photo (click photo to see it close-up). I'm also wearing tights compliments of Susan at Little Princess Frocks. Susan was so kind to send consolation prizes to all the non-winning stay-at-home raffle contestants during the 2008 Sasha Festival weekend. Here is her website:

MamaT also returned home from vacation with THREE more Sasha dolls!!! These are her sister's dolls, but she has graciously allowed us long-term custody at our house. MamaT's sister let her daughters play with them, so they still need some clean-up, and her sister promises to look through the doll clothes for missing shoes and articles of clothing. There is a redhead white dress, (which was next on MamaT's wish list), a brunette red pinafore, and Margot's long lost twin, Sandra (or Sandy). Her sister says her daughters were more attached to their American Girl and Magic Attic dolls and never appreciated the Sasha's as much, so she sent them to our home where they will be very well appreciated. MamaT doesn't seem to realize what a workload she is creating for my blog. I just can't seem to get all the dolls introduced as fast as she keeps getting more dolls. She swears she is going to slow down about acquiring more Sasha dolls. Time will tell. The last photo of the purple dress shows another dress MamaT found in the toybox that Gran-Mama made for us dolls many years ago.

Margot and her long lost twin, Sandra

Here is the dress that Gran-Mama made

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello Dolly, Margot Monique!

pretty Margot Monique I want to type my OWN entry. PLEASE, can I try it mySELF! Xcxbnb czxnbmbc, hnc mnnbvx mcnv./
How's that? What does it say? What do you mean it doesn't say anything? It's supposed to say, “Hello Everyone! How are you?” Well, I can't reach those other letters. What's wrong with these letters? Oh, well I guess you can type for me then, but FIRST you have to promise you will only type what I want you to type and not every word I say like you did with Cara. Is that a deal? Well, is it? Well, you better not anyway. Or else I'll be mad at you. Okay, I think I'm ready to start now.

Hello Everyone! How are you? I am fine. My name is Margot Monique. The name on my box was Sandy, but I don't have my box any more. We don't like boxes here. They are no fun anyway. You would think so too if you had ever been tied up in one. I am MamaT's only honey blonde Sasha. Most blonde Sasha's are plattnumb blonde, so it is special to be a honey blonde. Sandy dolls like me were made from 1981 to 1986. There was another honey blonde baby too named Rosie made in 1983 to 1986, so you see I was the original honey blonde baby. Rosie wears a nightgown all the time, but I like playing more than I like napping. Cara is my buddy. I think I am older than her, but she says she is older, because she was manyufrakshured first and has been at MamaT's house longer. There was a honey blonde Sasha introduced the same year as me in 1981. She wears a white silk dress. She was made until 1984. Then in 1985, they introduced a honey blonde party doll. She is all ready for a birthday party. I hope it is my birthday party. I can't wait to grow up. It seems like I've been waiting a loooooong time. I haven't even gotten to be a toddler yet! Then I could reach more letters on the keyboard. There was just one sandy blonde Gregor, called Hiker. He was made in 1986. Since the factory closed in late January that year, less than 400 Hiker Gregor's were made. There was only one redhead baby, and she had blue eyes. Her name is Ginger. I have brown eyes. MamaT says that except for not having my box (which is ok by us), I am absolutely perfect in every way. I have no flaws whatsoever, and she says I'm bootifull too.

Well that's all I can think of to say, but you don't have to type that. How should I end it? Should I just say goodbye everyone? I think I will. Goodbye Everyone and have a really super good day too!--From Margot Monique

P.S. I almost forgot to give you a website. I bet you will like Melody's site. Her name starts with M like mine. Melody paints custom dolls and her doll, Tilily Tangerine, has traveled all over the world! Here's the site:

Those keys are hard to reach.

Me and my bestest friend, Cara