Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sasha Memorabilia Book 4: Articles

Hello! Many apologies for not posting for so long. MamaT was out of town for two weeks this month, and we couldn't hitch a ride to the computer while she was gone. It's been awhile since I've included an entry about the Big Book of Sasha Memorabilia. I think this will be the last one, as we've already covered paperdolls and ads, cards, and catalogs. While all of these are just a sampling of what's in the book, they give you an idea of some of the fun things to collect about Sasha besides the dolls and clothes. One thing the book does not contain much of is patterns. MamaT claims she's not much of a seamstress and doesn't know the first thing to do with knitting needles. She's made a couple of feeble attempts at sewing and fantasizes becoming more proficient at it.

MamaT's Top Ten

Now that I've told you what today's entry is not, maybe I should say what it is. The big book contains about 30 different magazine articles ranging from 1964 to 2008. MamaT had about a half a dozen or so more that she had the nerve to part with when she sold some duplicates. There's no way to include all of the articles here, so we've photographed samples from 10 of the color articles with the best pictures. That's not to say some of the black and white articles aren't excellent. They're just not as photogenic to include here. I do recommend clicking on these photos for a close-up view.

More photos from the same articles, same order.

Rather than list out MamaT's personal library here, I'll just list those photographed here and give you the following links:
Susanna Lewis' Sasha Bibliography. The red dot articles are worth searching for. MamaT has all of the U.S. produced red dot articles, plus some others.
A few additional articles encountered by MamaT. This entry also includes information on books and newsletters, so it's a bit long-winded.
Neither list is exhaustive.

The Sasha gang says hello!
And now for the short "top ten" list.

--Menten, Ted. Great Names in Dollmaking: Sasha. Dolls, Summer l983, p. 36-39.
--Remise, Jac and France Broutin. The Sasha Morgenthaler Museum in Zürich, Switzerland. Doll Reader, Jun/Jul 1987, p. 126-130.
--Guinard, Mavis. Swiss Museum Preserves Sasha’s Magic. Dolls, Sep/Oct 1988, p. 44-47.
--Votaw, Anne with Barden, Ann and Knüsli, Laura. Sashas, The First Generation. Dolls, Dec/Jan 1991, cover, p. 64-72.
--Knüsli, Laura. Sasha Morgenthaler: Pioneer Doll Artist, 1893 to 1975. Doll Reader, Feb 1993, p. 111-116.
--Votaw, Anne and Knüsli, Laura. Sasha: An Entertainment and Commercial Star. Doll Reader, Aug 1996, p. 74-78.

--Votaw, Anne. Sasha Morgenthaler Creates Sasha. Doll News, Summer 1999, p. 44-47.
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