Saturday, May 16, 2009


Tony & Mona Moni I'll tell you what, the nicer it gets outside, the harder it is to find time for blogging. We dolls don't get out in the winter much, so we love the spring and summer! I have two more dolls to introduce to you, but they are not “real” dolls like Sasha dolls, so they can't introduce themselves, so I will just have to do it for them. Besides they are much too small to learn to type even if they could be real.

These dolls are known as Moni dolls. They were produced by a Swiss company called Uranium in 1979. They are about 7 inches tall, just slightly bigger than the Topper “Dawn doll”. As an aside, a little known fact about MamaT is that she never owned a Barbie doll in her life, although there were a couple Barbie relatives in the house her sisters had, like Francie. Instead of Barbies, MamaT had Dawn dolls, and she and her sister and friends in the neighborhood played with these A LOT. But there is not much trace of the Dawn dolls left, except she found one blue gown at the same time she found my old skirt.

Anyhow, the Moni dolls belong to us Sashas. They are our dolls. Like Sasha's they have tan skin and a nuetral expression, but they are nowhere near the same quality, and are probably not assymetrical. I've never looked closely at that though. They were clearly a copy of the Sasha model, so the Sasha Morgenthaler family filed a complaint and the production of the dolls ceased. There were boy and girl dolls as both blondes and brunettes along with several extra outfits.
Tony & Mona flanking Cara
We have a brunette boy named Tony, and a blonde girl, named Mona. If I ever get a brunette girl, I think I will name her Joanie. And that just goes to show I'm just as bad as MamaT fantasizing about what doll I'll get next and what I might name her. Tony and Mona are in most of our family group photos, but since they are small, I've cropped a few photos in close up, so you can see them better.

MamaT bought our Tony and Mona from one of the nicest Sasha collectors. Her name was Monica, and she just passed away a couple of months ago. Monica was a great lover of Sasha and Lenci dolls, a talented artist, and had the amazing job of being a braillist (so her Ebay ID was braillistdog). She is very much missed by the Sasha community. Monica always said the dolls were made by Titanium, which was very cute, but off by an atomic weight of 70 (Uranium being 92 and Titanium 22). And no that's not something I ever knew, but Wikipedia is handy for things you don't know like that.

For today's link I'll include the Sasha info guide that Monica wrote for Ebay.

Karinne holding Mona

Sasha holding Tony