Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's a Sunny Daisy!

Sunny Daisy brightens our world
EEyikes! It's Halloween and I haven't posted an entry yet this month. That's pretty spooky all in itself. I have lots of excuses. Want to hear them? 1) The dog ate my keyboard. Shh, Sunny. They don't know we don't have a dog. 2) MamaT went on vacation and left the computer off. 3) There has not been a sunny day around here (not talking about you, Sunny) in like forever for doing a photoshoot. 4). We switched computers and only just today got the new photo editing software loaded for cropping and tweaking photos. 5) Sunny thinks I should admit to you that I'm just plain lazy. I could go on, but that's probably sufficient.We platinum blondes

Now here it is Halloween, and we haven't done a fall photo shoot. MAYBE we can get that done before the snow flies. Actually, the snow has been flying. It just hasn't stuck much yet, because the rain is still flying too. That's been the only source of cats and dogs around here.

And now, it is my priviledge to introduce you to a new friend. We finally have another platinum blonde in the house (like me). She's a baby sundress, a Trendon kid from 1979 to 1986. We don't expect her to be around too long, because she is for MamaT's granddaughter's next birthday or maybe Christmas. She found MamaT's Osborn book and said she wanted "all" the dolls, but her mostest favorite was baby sundress. We will let her granddaughter name her, so we just picked out a nickname. We all got to suggest names and voted. So our new girl's nickname is Sunny Daisy, which was Cara Linnea's suggestion. She's always thinking of flowers. It is kind of cute though, so I voted for it too.

just us babesSunny Daisy is a little shy. I may have to draw her out a bit. I told her she is not being introduced to the entire world, only just the Sasha lovers of the world in 42 countries (and counting, but that's another story), and the site has only been hit 13,000 times or more, so no pressure. Do you want to tell the world Hi, Sunny? "Hi Sasha Lovers of the World." Would you like to tell them about yourself? "I don't know." Let's say when were you born? "1979" How do you know? "That's the date on my catalog." What else did you come with? "My box and my basket." What does your price tag say on it? "$20" Wow, Is that all you're worth? MamaT paid too much. "That's not true. We gain value with age." But you're still just a baby, you can't be worth that much more. "I'll tell MamaT you said that!" Sorry, you're just so fun to tease, that's all.
blonde babes in white
Tell me about this picture with Margot. Who made Margot's dress? "Greta made it. It's a pretty white dress like mine."

babes in toyland
Now here you all are wearing new dresses. Where did those come from? "Diane Scarbrough made them. Sandra was jealous that Margot got a new dress, so MamaT bought her the gingerbread dress from Diane off Ebay. Then I needed dresses to take with me when I leave, so Diane did a special order and made the pink dress and light blue dress. They are so cute. They are both my dresses. I let Cara wear it for now though. It does look pretty on her." So now that we've got you warmed up, is there anything else you'd like to share? "I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween day and eve whether it is sunny or not. I hope they get lots of candy, but don't get sick. " What's your favorite web link? "Well, first, they should be sure and look at all the blogs in the last message. MamaT says Kendal's brood is to swoon for, and Sasha Doll Style just posted a really cute Christmas story. Also Ted Menton has recently a posted a bunch of good fall and Halloween ideas. But for a new link, I think I will share Ruth's site, because I love pretty clothes and her site has so many. It's better than the old Sears Roebuck catalogs. Much better."