Sunday, June 14, 2009


Thyrza & GinaHi, Today I have the great priviledge of introducing you to some pen pals we (me and the other Sasha dolls here) have met through the Sasha L list. There are so many wonderful nice Sasha people all over the world. Our friends Thyrza (red hair) and Gina (brunette) are from the Netherlands. They are both 1960s Gotz girls, the first we've had the opportunity to post on this blog. Don't forget to click on the photo for a nice close-up look at these girls. Thyrza got her name because she has a bit of an oriental look, and Gina got her name because she came from the Italian part of Switzerland. See we didn't even know there was an Italian part of Switzerland, so we learn a lot from having pen pals. Gina's Mom says she was so gorgeous that a simple name suited her well, and we have to agree. MamaT's grandma grew up in the Netherlands before her family immigrated to Idaho in the U.S. Before that her family lived in the Rotterdam area for many, many generations. Thyrza and Gina live in The Hague. They once got a visit from Tilily, a world traveling Sasha. We will post Tilily's web page today, so you can see pictures from her visit to the Hague and many other places.

Thyrza and Gina also sent us a picture of some of their other family members dressed up in cute Bavarian costumes below. They all belong to a very nice lady named Frances, who has some of the most beautiful Sasha dolls and is very talented with photographing them. Frances has worked with refugees and now makes handicrafts with immigrant children who don't speak Dutch. It sounds very much like something Sasha Morgenthaler would have enjoyed doing. There are often children from East Europe, Turkey and Africa. We hear it is a bit Babylonic at times, but good fun nonetheless. Frances gave us permission to post her photos on this blog. If any other Sasha's out there would like to be our pen pals and send us a photo, we'd be happy to introduce you on my blog too.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Book of Sasha Memorabilia 2: Cards

Happy Summer Everyone!
Today I'd like to introduce you to a sampling of cards in MamaT's big Sasha book. First is a set of postcards that was produced by Trendon in the 1970s. There are 20 postcards in all, half of which are shown at left. Note there's a kilt girl like me and a brunnette Gregor in pajama's just like our Gregor Vaughn. It is more common to see blonde Gregor's in pajamas, as only blondes were sold wearing pajamas as far as I know.

Our next set of cards is a set of handmade cards by Anne Votaw, along with 2 postcards of 1990's Gotz dolls, Ruth and Marianne.

Below are some of our favorite cards which depict several studio dolls and were sold at the Sasha Morgenthaler Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. MamaT has never been to Zurich, but she got these on EBay. They were sold in 2 separate lots, and she felt a bit piggish for winning both lots, but no one outbid her, so that's how it goes.

Last is a set of cards MamaT acquired in the past couple years. We think that most of the photos are taken by Shelly in UK. The cards are made and sold by The Label Lady, Michelle Brown. Here is a link to her site.