Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pintux Emeria - the Neglected Doll

Hi World, I'd like to introduce myself as Pintux Emeria, the neglected Sasha Doll. You see I am over a year old, well actually I'm well over a year old, but I've been in this family for over a year and have just now gotten the opportunity to introduce myself on Sasha's blog. I arrived circa February 2011 with loose stringing. I was relegated to the closet for several months until MamaT attended to my strings, so I could stand and play properly. It was just about a year ago that we did this photo shoot, and MamaT only recently got around to sorting through the photos to keep the best and delete the rest. In fact, the previous post with the babies at play occurred after this photo shoot, but that got posted before my introduction. Life is so unfair, isn't it? And now a full 11 months have slipped by since the last post on this blog.  MamaT only says, "Where does the time fly?"  Her granddaughter was over more in the past year, so that took some of her time, but that's not the only excuse. She'd come up with a very long list if I let her, but I'm not giving her the floor. However, I did overhear her saying something about not getting a new doll until the last one was introduced, so is she really excited about letting me introduce myself, or is it just because she wants to start looking for a Velvet?

Oh, if you're wondering where I got my name, I was named for MamaT's great-great grandmother, Laura Emeria. She's never seen anyone else with that name, but she liked it, so she gave it to me, so maybe I'm not entirely neglected after all since I've been given a very special name. I am also unique because I am a limited edition doll produced only in 1982 (#2273 of 4600). My hair is real human hair, and my eyes were originally brown, but later turned blue. Kind of cool, huh? And in an extra rebellious effort to establish my individuality, I've decided to spell my name Pintux instead of Pintucks like all the rest of them.

While we were outside, I found this sweet early, blue violet (Viola adunca).

Don't you think it looks nice in my hair?
The family is almost getting too large for lots of big family portraits, so we just got the blondes (and strawberry blonde) girls out to pose together.
Sasha and Kiltie Grace stole my idea of putting flowers in our hair, so we all got to be flower children together.
Me and Sasha
Kiltie Grace and Pintux Emeria.