Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bear, the Doll, and the Wardrobe

wardrobe, doll & bearHi, this is Lona here. Sasha says she's tired tonight, so my little friend, Pepsi Koala, and I get to introduce you to our Christmas present this year. MamaT found this nice green box at Joanne's Fabrics and left in on the table. While Pepsi and I were out exploring when the big people were away (and Cora followed us with the camera), we found the box and thought we might have a little peek inside.
I feel like Lucy entering NarniaPepsi crawled up to the top of the box and pulled the zipper down, we opened it up wondering what sort of world might be inside, and what to our surprise, we discovered.....
Cora says, Don't touch my dress!
SASHA CLOTHES!!! Pepsi was immediately attracted to the bear dress, but I'm partial to Cora's flower dress myself.
cherry frameHow do you suppose they put this thing together? The day MamaT brought it home, her DH immediately set to work making a little frame to hold the extension rods, because the box isn't really hard-sided. He used cherry wood, since pine is prone to leaking resins. We wanted to know how they made the extension rods too, so we pulled one down. We discovered they used two pieces of brass tubing, one just 1/32” larger than the other and a little spring the same size as the smaller tube, so it fits inside the larger tube, but not the small one. They chose a softer (as opposed to a stiffer) spring. They got these at the hardware store.

They made some temporary hangers out of copper wire they had laying around, which they eventually want to dip in plastic, the kind you dip your tool handles in, but that's not done yet. They just wrapped wire around a semi-triangular wooden block (with rounded corners), and wrapped the hook around the brass tubing, and trimmed it with wire cutters. Here's a link to another method for making hangers.

extension bar and hangerUh oh, I hear big people coming in at the door, and the clothes are all in a pile. Pepsi, we are so busted... Cora, where'd you go? Hey, we'll talk to you all again later. Lona & Pepsi Koala, signing off.