Friday, April 9, 2010

Where in the World are all the Sasha Lovers?

Tony & Mona Moni as Adam & Eve
Happy April! One of the fun little features we found for this blog is a map that shows where in the world this blog has had recent visits from. You can click on a map for more detail on where our visitors are from. I've been amazed by all the places we've found hits from on the map, and we've kept a running list. I thought it would be fun to make a post about this when we hit 50 countries. By the time we reached 40 different countries, the accumulation of new countries really slowed down for awhile. But we had a new little flurry last week and reached countries 48, 49, 50 and 51 all on the same day (or at least the same week--we don't check every day). Today's entry is illustrated by a few recent random shots just for fun, including the Moni dolls who posed as Adam & Eve for a recent Sunday School class. We think they're so adorable, we're leaving them in these outfits for awhile.

I've tried to list the top ten countries in order of popularity or frequency of hits, but it's hard to tell, because I can't get percentages for the whole world at once or for all past hits--it only gives it for the most recent hits regionally, so places 6-10 and especially 10 are kind of guess. After that they will be listed in the order that I encountered them on the map.
Cora & Cara 1) United States
2) United Kingdom
3) Germany
4) Canada
5) Australia
6) Switzerland
7) France
8) New Zealand
9) Ireland
10) Russia
11) Netherlands
12) Belgium
13) Sweden
14) Czech Republic
15) Spain
16) Latvia
17) Norway
18) Portugal
19) Turkey
20) Greece
21) Bulgaria
22) Romania
23) Poland
24) United Arab Emirates
25) Iran
26) Saudi Arabia
Sandra & Shyvonne27) Egypt
28) Oman
29) Finland
30) Denmark
31) Austria
32) Japan
33) South Korea
34) South Africa
35) Argentina
36) Chile
37) Israel
38) Italy
39) Brazil
40) Hungary
41) Vietnam
42) Taiwan
43) India
44) Ukraine
45) Nigeria
46) Phillipines
47) Slovakia
48) Slovenia
49) Malaysia
50) Guam
51) Mexico

And in closing, today's link of the day is Anita Adkins' page, called Sasha World. --
Margot, Grace & Patrick