Friday, January 30, 2009

Sasha's at Play

Karinne waltzes with Patrick
Silly Gregor likes to stand on his head.Showing off the splits

Gregor runs the mouse for me.
Baby buddies, Margot & Cara

Me with my hair up in rollers, so to speak

Hi, This is a bit of a lazy entry, but I'm cleaning up the side-border and didn't want to lose these pictures, so I'm posting them here, plus a few new ones, in a blog entry instead. Have a great day everyone!
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Foster Skids

This is me, Shyvonne Alette
MamaT loves my red hair.

Hi Everyone! You've seen me before, but now you get an official introduction. My name is Shyvonne Alette. MamaT thought I needed a good Gaelic name to go with my red hair. Shyvonne is a misspelling of the very beautiful Gaelic name, Siobhan. It is a form of “Joan” and means “God is gracious”. MamaT can never remember how to spell the original, which is pronounced “Shiv-awn”, so she created her own spelling. Alette is for no reason in particular, except she found it in a story one time and liked it. It, like Alethea, means “footloose, verity, truth, small-winged one”. Sounds like an honest fairy princess to me. I am a 1979-1986, Sasha redhair “white dress” #108. MamaT says she has been coveting a doll like me for a very long time, like around 25 years. Angela Karinne is also a redhead white dress, but we're not the same. My eyes are brown for one thing. MamaT would also like a 60's redhead, English and/or German-made, but they are not in her budget now. She says she is partial to redhead Sasha's, even though her first Sasha was a blonde.

Technically, we (meaning me, Tasha, and Sandra) should probably be calling MamaT, AuntieT, because we really belong to her sister. We were purchased in the early 80s and then stored for many years until MamaT's sister gave us to her daughters, so we were played with and loved, but eventually somewhat forgotten, which can happen as young girls grow older. MamaT even forgot about Sasha for a few years. Here is an interesting trivia factoid. MamaT is the youngest of 6 girls (no brothers). Her oldest sister, who we belong to, also had 6 daughters and no sons. How amazing is that?! Anyhow, MamaT has now been given long-term custody of us and has basically adopted us all in, so we call her MamaT like everyone else.

We arrived with a few scuffs and marks from being played with, but we cleaned up easily with no dramatic make-overs or re-stringing required. One thing we did have was the stand-up bangs (fringe) that played with Sasha's tend to get, so when she washed our hair, MamaT tried an experiment. She's heard other Sashaphile's talk about using just-boiled water to remove or set curls in doll hair. In her past attempts to use the sock treatment for stand-up bangs, they look good to start with, but gradually begin to rise again. So this time after washing our hair, she dipped just our bangs in water that had just been brought to a boil, and then taken off the heat. Then we got the sock treatment. She thinks the boiled water may have helped our bangs behave better. Meanwhile we had quite the giggle fit laughing at each other wearing socks and towels. You probably had to be there to appreciate just how funny it was. See photos below. There's also a few photos with me and my cousins and new friends. Don't forget to scroll your mouse over the photos to read the captions or click on them if you want to see any close up. Before I sign off, I will leave you with a very fun Sasha page that was done by Judy Scaletti of Sasha Mart. There are lots of page links and they are worth checking out.
Now you can see why we got the giggles.--signed Shyvonne Alette

Just call us the Sockheads, Heeheehee...

Irish twins: Shyvonne & Patrick

Redhead, blonde, & brunette English Sasha's