Sunday, June 26, 2011

Babies at Play on a Fine Spring Day

We can't believe it's been 5 months since the last post. We apologize to all who have been watching for the next. Life has just been incredibly busy with one thing and another, and besides it has been the coolest, rainiest spring we can ever remember.

At last we had a fine spring day, and babies Sandra Varlene and Cara Linnea got out to play in our new playclothes sewn by Ebay seller, Shadowdancer9423.

First, they tried a game of row, row, row your boat by a stump piled with squirrel middens

They were delighted to discover that with all of the rain we've had, we have carpets of moss growing everywhere, and so many different kinds too.

Do you know this moss is called "scared cat's tail moss" (Rhytidiadelphus) because it looks like a bristly cat's tail? Don't forget you can click on the photo for a close-up view. It is also nice and cushioney for doing somersaults on.

Check out this moss with the cute little red stems!

Sandra says, "My moss looks like miniature Christmas trees (Polytrichum)," and Cara says "Mine is like soft turfy grass."

Even the roots of this old tree that fell over are covered in moss.
This looks pretty fun to climb and explore.

So let's go climbing!

My, how babies love to climb...

and climb...

and climb...

and climb!

Here, let me help you up this last bit. We'll be queens of this giant stump!!!

Whoa, it's a little scary standing up on this giant fallen log.
Hold on to me, so you don't fall!
Wave bye to everyone.

Hope you all enjoyed exploring with us today!

Little Miss Cara
Little Miss Sandra