Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sasha's Summer Adventure

Sorry, it's been so long since I've posted, but you know when the weather is nice in Montana, you've got to get out and enjoy it. There will be plenty of time to sit at the computer some other day. Gregor "borrowed" the camera and took pictures while we explored MamaT's yard today. I think this will explain why I'm not blogging so much these days. But I do promise to get back to it. Scroll your mouse over the photos to read the captions. It's harder than I tI'm Queen of the Mountain!hought to add lots of photos in one blog. And don't forget you can click on the photos to see them close up.
On the trail of adventure...
Look at the fish!

Who lives in here?
sweet Beebalm

Nodding onion
Cara thought these were "naughty" onions. =)

Have a great summer everyone!


The Log Home Builder's Wife said...

I'm taking the liberty of posting a few more blog comments we've received. Most of these are from my sisters.--MamaT

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Sasha's blog and the photos are great! I have a cousin living in Bozeman, but I have never been to Montana. It must be beautiful!--KP

I love your Sasha blog. Thank you for sharing the link. I just read the beginning of your blog and plan to revisit. It is really so delightful!!!!! --DS

B-t-W (by the way), thanks for the link to your blog. I LOVED it! Especially the photos and movie clip of you and I confess my eyes teared up to see you opening your Sasha. What a precious tender person you are. I am now thinking about how easily Gwen and I got our Sashas in the 80's. My friend Marsha was the children's director of the entire library system. She had the idea to circulate toys. Since I was the head of the children's dept. at the main library at the time, I got to help her go through catalogues making selections. One of the catalogs included Sasha dolls. I told Gwen about this and we both ordered some, at WHOLESALE! (I don't even know now what we paid). Then Gwen left hers with me and I don't even know which one is hers now. One year in desperation for a birthday gift for one of my girls I gave her one of the Sashas. Imagine my disappointment that she didn't value her gift at all--in fact never paid any attention to it. So now I'm thinking all our Sashas should visit their Montana cousins and perhaps take up more or less permanent residence. I think one of them is even a red-head with a white dress! AND I think I have some Sasha patterns somewhere in my collection of patterns. Too bad I never saw a Sasha paper doll. I'm sure I would have collected it.

Did I say I love your blog? I love your blog! I love the photos. Of course I'm picturing (in my mind) a book of your making. I loved the clothes on the line in the background of one of the photos. --VM

Thanks for the kind comments on Sasha's blog. I've passed them along, and I'm afraid her head is starting to get puffed up over it. It is a fun little thing. --MamaT

I enjoy hearing from you and reading your latest blogs. Your photos remind me of the Lonely Doll images---how did you get Sasha to balance on that log? --NB

Balancing Sasha on the log was no easy feat. First of all, the log was slanted, and she really prefers to stand on flat surfaces. I found a couple of "indentations" in the log (like where woodpeckers have been at work), and tried setting one foot in each. Then I moved her torso until it actually reached a center of balance and stayed upright. I was a little surprised it worked at all. I took the picture, and then zoomed in to take one closer up, and just as I was about to push the button, she went toppling over into the
leaves below. This ended the photo-shoot for the day. Sasha's do have such a life-like quality about them. It would be fun to do a story, but I have not been inspired with any story lines. I should probably sew the dolls some "play clothes" if I am going to take them out in the woods much more.--MamaT

Emily Balling said...

This hike reminds me of adventures we went on in MN, and they are just the things the kids would do in finding little fairy homes (the hole in the log), and other brilliant discoveries. I like the one peering into water. The clothesline shot is also a neat one.