Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The annual Sasha Festival was held in Rochester, New York this past weekend. Gabi and Francine took photos and blogged the event. All we can say is wow, Wow, WOW! There was an incredible display of studio dolls that left us all breathless. I think MamaT went into a trance gazing at photo after photo with her jaw in her lap.

The stay-at-homers like to have a little fun too as a small consolation for missing out on the festival, so they hold a raffle during the festival each year. MamaT offered up an afghan she made last winter. Karinne and Kiltie Grace (to be introduced next entry—I promise) had the honors of pulling the name out of the hat. We were excited the winner was a relatively new member of the SashaL list named Glynis who lives in the United Kingdom. She just got her first Sasha whose name is May. Lona really liked snuggling in the blanket, but she is happy May can enjoy it now. Besides it is summer now, and we won't be thinking about blankets for at least a few more months. Sooner than you think in Montana though.

And the winner is...tadatada

While we're on the topic of blankets, we'll post photos, not only of the raffle blanket, but also a matching blanket MamaT made for her granddaughter (who is sound asleep underneath), and another doll blanket Lona had to give up for MamaT's grandaughter's doll, Edith.

Lona snuggles under May's new blankie

Sweet dreams little angel

Lona modeling Edith's blankie

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franberry said...

I didn't buy any new dolls at the festival, but did add two more to my "wish list" as a result of seeing them in person: a black baby girl (like Cara Linnea), and a Redhead Gotz Unisex. First the No Navels, now the Unisex ... you're right, I may eventually fall for an early Gotz girl. :-)