Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Friends Club Fashions

MamaT's granddaughter was out to visit last weekend. We love it when Ryin comes to play, because always get lots of action even if we look a bit disheveled by the end of the weekend. Ryin has a baby sundress (named Sasha after me! or is that Sasha Morgenthaler?) and she brought baby Sasha to play, so we were all excited to see her again, because she lived here for a few months before going home with Ryin. Ryin told MamaT that what she wanted most for baby Sasha was a swimming suit, and there's MamaT thinking, "Oh dear, I couldn't possibly sew a baby swimsuit, and I bet their hard to find."

As it turns out, Uncle Ted Menten saved the day. He's been talking all about other doll lines with clothes that fit us Sasha's. (See Recently, he introduced the Sasha-L list follower's to the Best Friends Club line sold at K-Mart. So on an errand to town, MamaT and Ryin convinced Papa to stop at K-Mart, so they could have a look. She wasn't sure what would be there since other folks had posted they weren't stocked locally. Turns out there was a Best Friends Doll and 3 different outfits available! We passed up on the doll and the shorts outfit, because it looked like it might require altering (and later found out from UncleTed that was so), but went home with a brightly colored dress and a bathing suit. Ryin was so excited and MamaT warned her it might not fit the baby, but they tried it, and it DID fit (with only a few stitches to take in the straps in the back). Now we have a happy Sasha baby, happy Ryin and happy MamaT!
And here's the results....
A sun bathing baby

Out on the dock.

Lona likes the Best Friends summer dress.

Ryin says "Sasha can hold onto me all by herself!"

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Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for this information. My Cora is long overdue for a change into something more modern looking than her floral-print dress.