Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Epiphany and 2013!

Happy Epiphany or Three Kings Day to Everyone! Here it is the 12th day of Christmas, and if I wait any longer, it will really be too late to show off my new Christmas dress until next year.

The train is not new, but how I love to get it out and play with it every year!

And now for the story of how I got my new dress. MamaT's grand-daughter wanted to sew a Christmas dress. MamaT says she only has very basic sewing skills, so Ryin's mom picked out a one-hour dress pattern with only one button, and Ryin picked out the material and trim. It took them an hour just to cut out the pieces. Ryin sewed all the straight seams and the button on herself. NanaT sewed the curvy seams and trim. They designed the matching purse together. Three days later, they got the project all finished. It wasn't until after Christmas that MamaT found time to sew my dress, so we didn't get a photo together. We think the dresses will still fit us both next year.

And we wish you all a very wonderful 2013!
--Margot Monique


DollMum said...

What gorgeous fabric and great results. doing a together sewing project is a good way to learn and increase sewing confidence. The timing on the sewing pattern was a bit of a laugh, it always takes time cutting out the pieces, however simple the pattern. hopefully next Christmas you will get s photo together.

Kendal said...

Many thanks for the Epiphany Day wishes. I always think that it's such a shame that I can't enjoy this feast day as much as I would like knowing that my Christmas decorations have to come down by midnight. I have thought that I should perhaps take them down the day before but then I've fallen in love with their glitter and sparkle and want to keep them up as long as I can.
The girl's dresses look really lovely, so rich and festive, that I'm sure that they did't want to take them off.
Sasha love and a very happy and healthy 2013, from Kendal.

SimplySasha said...

Both the girls look beautiful in their Christmas dresses! Happy 2013 to you too!

Theodora said...

How absolutely gorgeous! The baby looks very sweet in that outfit and Granddaughter is a real cracker! I hope it still fits next Christmas! Very nicely done. xxx Karin

Sharon said...

Very cute! Love those matching dresses...lets hope they still fit next year!
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Tara said...

that is so cute!
Mother daughter dresses?
I hope you are one of the first in the new trend.
It has been SO quiet here that I was getting worried.
Did no-one love their Sashas any more?
But HEY!
Here we are, Tara, Kendal, to name but a few.
I am quiet as I have a lot on my plate at the moment,
( nothing bad, I am glad to say.....just keeping me whirling... LOL!)
xx - DL

Tara said...

That is so cool! I like your blog! I like the look alike idea very much. We don't have any girl people that age in the family but some of the boy dolls have clothes made from the good parts of our sons' favorite school clothes. And once for a kind of Hobby Day or Share Something Special Day with the kids at church I dressed Magdalena [one of the Sashas I took] in jeans, denim jeans and jacket and pink crocks like I was wearing. I didn't say anything but the kids sure did! Love the look alike idea! Love your blog! JP@CR

velinda said...

How delightful and what a wonderful Nana MamaT is to do that for both grand daughter and doll! I never even THINK of taking Christmas down before Epiphany. With our long, dark winters I need the glow as long as those in my household can stand it!