Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Multi-lingual Girl

Idday ouyay owknay atthay Iay ancay peaksay ivefay ifferenday anguageslay? Robablypay, veryoneay niay ethay orldway owsknay Igpay Atinlay. Atthay asway ethe irstfay econdsay anguagelay Iay earnedlay.

Dobues abunyobune rebumebumbebur thebu tbuvbu shobuw Zobuom whebure webu lebuarnebud RububibuDububibu labunguabuage? MabumabuTbu's fabuvoribute Zobuom chaburabuctebur wabus Maburabu, bubut mbuy fabuvoribute chaburabuctebur wabus Beburnabudebutte, whobu coubuld twiburl hebur arbums.

Lopatoperop, wope learopnoped tophope lopanopuagopue ofop Opop wophoperope yopou inopsoperoptop anop opop afoptoperop evoperopyop coponopsoptopanopanoptop anopdop sopayop evoperopyop vopowopelop. Itop wopasop a soplowop wopayop topo wopropitope nopotopesop bopacopkop anopdop foporoptophop inop topyopinopgop coplopasopsop.

Tonghonge Asonianong vongerongsongionong ofong Opong isong Ononggong. Tonghonge rongulongesong aronge alonglong tonghonge songamonge, exongcongepongtong youngou songubongsongtongitongutonge ononggong fongorong opong.

Oops! MamaT just caught me on the computer typing this. I couldn't finish that last sentence fast enough before she walked in the room. But I'm happy to say I didn't get in trouble after all. She thinks it's “cute.” She says she's going to tell all her Sasha-loving friends about my blog. I hope that doesn't leave me tongue-tied. She also says I have to let the other dolls have a turn now and then too. I WAS planning to introduce them—eventually. She took a picture of me at the keyboard.... By the way, my 5th language is English, of course.

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