Sunday, August 22, 2010

How Tall is a Sasha Doll?

We are called 16” dolls, but the book answer is that the English dolls ranged from 15.5-17” (39.4-43.2cm) and generally got taller as time went on, while German dolls were 16-16.5” tall (40-42cm).We got to comparing heights the other day just to see how we compared to each other. Do you see how much taller Lona is than I am?

So we all lined up and drew lines on the wall, and then measured the height of the lines. First time we measured, I came out the shortest of everyone. They started calling me Shrimpy Sasha. No fair. Here we are all lined up shortest to tallest with the Shrimp at the tail.
A week later, MamaT decided to see whether taking our shoes off would make a measureable difference. We all had our shoes on for the first round. She took my shoes off, and I stood as straight and tall as I could. Without my shoes, I was 3/8 of an inch taller than the week before. I grew! I grew! MamaT was not convinced. She muttered something about “must have measured wrong”. Then EVERYONE had to take their shoes off and line up to get measured. MamaT told us that's a lot what it's like to wait in line at an airport. I wondered if they had to measure everyone's height for some reason.

In round two, Kiltie grew almost as much as I did, and Patrick was next. Madie shrunk by an 1/8 of an inch. I think her wig adds to her height. I am mighty tempted to call her Midget Madie, but I'll try to be nice. I didn't like being called a Shrimp. Everyone else was within 1/16 of the first measurement (but even so most “grew” with their shoes off). What this shows is that depending on how we stand, you might get slightly different answers when making measurements. For one thing our legs are not exactly the same length (like real people you know). We had several ties in the first round. In the second round, we remeasured the ties for any subtle differences and got a different height for everyone. They are posted below the photo in inches and sixteenths.
Madie 16 4/16; Angela 16 5/16; Sasha 16 7/16; Cora 16 8/16; Gregor 16 9/16; Patrick 16 10/16; Kiltie 16 11/16; Shyvonne 16 12/16; Tasha 16 13/16, and Lona 16 15/16.

So in our little group we found the German dolls to be shortest. The one anomaly is Lona, who is most likely second oldest of the English dolls after me, but is indisputably the tallest at very nearly 17 inches. Everyone else seems to fit in with the theory that newer dolls were generally taller. So our little group is between 16-17” tall. That's kind of like MamaT and 3 of her sisters who are all between 5' 6” and 5' 7” tall.

Today's link is Lisa's dolls. She offers a wide range of shoes for Sasha kids and babies, a few dolls, and Sasha hospital services for the Great Britain area.


jenann said...

So Sashas are like human people - generally, as the generations go by, we get a little taller too.
Watch out though, Sasha! We have also got heavier ......!

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