Friday, August 13, 2010

Trading Fashions - Sasha Style!

Lately the dolls on Sasha Street have been trying out a lot of fashions from other dolls. For example, the Best Friends Club (BFC) dress that we posted earlier that Lona is modeling.

Sometimes all it takes is an accessory to create a totally new look. MamaT's granddaughter loaned us this ballerina skirt, which Tasha adopted and refused to take off until it was time for Ryin to leave. Tasha has aspirations to become a dancer.

For poor Sasha's with a limited wardrobe, we found another way to "trade fashions." You don't so often see Sasha's wearing original Sasha outfits other than their own, so we thought we'd try swapping our original outfits around one day just for fun. For starters, we have Patrick in the pajamas outfit usually worn by blonde boys and Gregor is wearing Patrick's blue cord outfit.

Here is Tasha again without the ballerina skirt wearing Shyvonne's white dress, and Shyvonne loves Cora's flower dress. She also swiped the shoes from the BFC outfit Lona is wearing.

Here we find Angela wearing Tasha's pinafore and Lona wearing Kiltie's dress. This was taken before she took possession of the BFC dress.

Now Cora is wearing my newer Kilt skirt. We know this should traditionally be worn with my sweater, but it is the middle of summer, and we couldn't bear to subject her to putting on a sweater this time of year, so we substituted Patrick's white shirt from the blue cord outfit. We all think Kiltie Grace looks fantastic in Angela's white dress, and yours truly is wearing Lona's pink dress.

And lastly one more group shot of the girls just for fun.

I think I've been forgetting to add an outside link to explore on my recent posts. Here's a link for exploring some beautiful fashions by Nikita at Dreaming Under the Lilacs (Eseascaper7 on Ebay).

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